Scrapbooking – 3 Must-Haves For the Scrapbooker in You

Are you new to the scrapbooking hobby and don’t know how to start? For your cute scrapbook ideas, here are your must-haves.1. Scrapbook kits. There are many benefits of having scrapbook kits. Even the most experienced scrapbookers find scrapbook kits a must-have in scrapbooking. First, it sparks your own imagination and give you the drive you need to finish finish your current scrapbook projects and move on to the next with ease and confidence. And if your running out of ideas, you can always rely on scrapbook kits. Oftentimes scrapbook kits can help you finish a long-dead project, or even help bring out your creative side to give you the resolve to finish. There are many different types of kits for your to choose from including album kits, page kits, and embellishment kits.a. Scrapbook Album Kits. The album kits are great for setting a base for the scrapbook. They give you the foundation, and allow you to ‘build the house’.. Use these kits to get you started, and then let your imagination and creativity flow free as you create your first few scrapbooks. Let them help guide you, and give you ideas for the future.b. Scrapbooking Page Kits. Page kits are great for getting the ball rolling. Using a page kit for one page can inspire creativity for the next twenty. Page kits, like album kits, have been known to come in different levels. Some page kits are for beginners, and do all of the page planning for you. Others give you an outline and let you add the finishing touches. Try to challenge yourself. Use a page kit for one page, then use a similar theme for that entire section of your scrapbook. See if you can’t make a page that looks even better on your own without the use of a kit!c. Scrapbook Embellishment Kits. Scrapbooking embellishment kits are generally for those who have experience in page design and know the basic information about scrapbooking. Embellishment kits usually come with stickers, stencils, and other design pieces to help aid you in the creation of your page or of your entire book. Embellishment scrapbook kits are great for creating a ‘scrapbook theme’.2. Scrapbook Pages. There are many different types of scrapbooking pages. Depending on what you are attempting to do with your scrapbook, you may want to look into kits, or themed pages. Kits and themed pages provide you with a basic outline for each page, and allow you to expand on what has been laid down for you. Your goal should be to take what they have given you with the kit of theme, and make it more personal. When purchasing scrapbook pages for your scrapbook, you should keep two things in mind. All of your pages should be on acid free paper, because acidity can cause your photos and layouts to fade with time. Also make sure that the pages are lignin-free, because lignin makes the papers turn yellow with time. Below are the types of scrapbooking pages.a. Cardstock Paper. Carstock is a heavyweight, acid-free paper that is usually used for scrapbook backgrounds and comes in many different colors and textures.b. Patterned Paper. Acid-free, patterned paper comes in a large variety of different designs and textures. Patterned paper is mostly used as different scrapbooking backgrounds, and accents to backgrounds.c. Transparencies. Transparencies are clear acetate sheets that have mostly been used for different overlays, or windows. Get creative with transparencies. There are many different options.d. Vellum. Vellum is mostly used for layering and stamping. Vellum is a wonderful paper for softening the look of other bolder colors on your scrapbook page.3. Scrapbooking Page Themes. All sorts of different scrapbooking page themes areavailable online. Pretty much anything under the sun for any occasion is accessible online either for free or at a low cost. Take a look around at the different vendors and see if anything appeals to you. There are many choices available for holiday seasons and for baby scrapbooks.Remember to be creative and wise in your choice with papers, and to make sure that any paper you choose is both acid free and lignin free to preserve your scrapbook for a very long time. Take your time to use your imagination and create scrapbooks that will last a lifetime. Happy scrapbooking!

Scrapbooking For Beginners – A Step by Step Guide to Your First Scrapbook

In my scrapbooking for beginners guide, I hope to save you all the mistakes I made when I began my first scrapbook and the mistakes which other guides have cost me.When I began my first scrapbook I spent nearly two hundred dollars on everything from how to books to layouts and magazines. Five years later I haven’t used half of what I bought, despite having several scrapbooks. My mistakes were two-fold. First I had no organization, and second I had no planning. While not as fun as buying all the stickers and layouts, planning your first scrapbook album will save money and save time.Step One – Choose Your Theme!The very first step in your scrapbook should be to decide the theme. Picking your theme will be important in many ways, not the least of which is to have the correct photos for each page. Its also important to choose your theme before you organize your photographs so that when you are browsing your photographs you can add them to multiple themes later.The first scrapbooking guide I read began by telling me to get a few pictures, card stock, pens and embellishments. That was actually terrible advice. Once I had everything in front of me, I realized that it was nowhere near the items for what I wanted my scrapbook pages to look like. In order to make a scrapbook which you can call your own, choose your theme before buying the materials.Themes can include scrapbooks about The Disney Vacation. Our Wedding Day. Our Honeymoon. Baby’s First Year. Each theme will need certain photographs which depict days or moments you want to remember. You can have as many themes as you wish and can even have the same photograph in multiple themes. For your first scrapbook try and pick a theme for which you know you have numerous photographs.Step Two – Choose Your Photographs!Now that you have a theme in mind, its time to pick out photographs to use. Photographs get scattered everywhere so its best to find the ones you wish to use at the start your scrapbook. When we got married my husband and I had a DVD of pictures, professional photographer pictures, pictures from my mother and father, disposable reception camera pictures, friends sent pictures, friends of parent sent pictures. I had to stop most of the time when making my scrapbook to find the right pictures someplace else. My biggest mistake was missing photos when I began scrapbooking because I had forgotten to pick them out beforehand.The great thing about scrapbooking is that if you do forget a picture or two, you can just add another page in your scrapbook. The bad part is if you want a picture to be part of a page you’ve already designed and glued together, you have to remake the page.When choosing photographs, its best to have two to three photographs per page but you can have as few as one or as many as eight. You can have as many pages as you want in each scrapbook album.My wedding scrapbook album has two hundred photographs and four different sections. Each of my four sections was part of a separate album which I incorporated into one album. Its very large, but its also very dear to my heart. That is what scrapbooking is about, making each scrapbook a memory in itself which can be reviewed and enjoyed by anyone. Each album chronicles an event or time which is important to you.Step Three – Make copiesIn my opinion this step is the most important part of starting a new scrapbook album. Make copies of every photograph you will use at the start. Make two copies if possible. There will be times when you wish to cut a photograph to fit an idea for your scrapbook. Or glue something onto the photograph. If you want to use the photograph in multiple albums, an album for each of your children with the same themes for example, you’ll need 1 copy of each photo for each album plus the original. (and if you’re clumsy like me, you’ll want an extra copy for when you mess up! haha)Photographs can be made digital and saved onto computer discs. You can upload them to webites like Flickr so you can have physical copies made at a later time or you can make online scrapbook albums.Store the negatives and back up discs (DVDs) of all photographs in a special area away from the actual photographs.Step Four – Write and gather a list of items to include in the scrapbook albumWhen I speak about what you’ll include I mean besides pictures and journal entries. Each page of your scrapbook album includes pictures, a small piece of writing about the picture and whats known as “embellishments”. Purchased embellishments will be included in the later part of this guide, however at this point I’m writing about personal embellishments.The wedding album I put together had pieces of my dress as backing of photographs. I used ribbon from the linen napkins for bows on other pages. Some pages had little pieces of the sequins from my gown, the Ashcroft my husband wore was on another page with his picture. You may not want to glue those items to your books but I chose to do so. Maybe you have a blanket you child used, part of a stuffed animal to include, the buttons off your cheerleading uniform. There are hundreds of little embellishments you can include from your personal life which make your album even more special. One of my friends used sand colored with food dye she got on her honeymoon in her album about her honeymoon.Plenty of guides speak about the little embellishments to add in your scrapbook album. Their embellishments include glitter and little pieces of beading from the stores etc. Before you spend your money on those, find the items in your house to include in your scrapbook. Old Christmas or wedding cards, Birthday cards, towels, an old cat toy etc etc..Step five – Sort and Build Each Page (if possible take a picture)You now have all you need to build your first scrapbook album. Organize the pages of your album with the photographs and embellishments. Use manila envelopes if necessary and number each one. The reason it is important to organize your photographs and embellishments now is so that when you go shopping you will have an idea about what you want on each of your pages. At this point you do not need to know where or how to place the pictures on each page. The only important information we want from this exercise is which pictures and home-embellishments we want to add on a certain page, what the general theme is and how many pages we will have. Its much easier to find what we want at the craft store or online when we have the base of our scrapbook album.Scrapbooking for Beginners – Step Six – It’s time to go shopping!When you’re shopping you’ll want the following scrapbook supplies:
1. Pens, crayons, paints, fabric paints and markers for each page’s note writing, picture drawing, and for wrting on fabric (if you use any in your scrapbook)
2. Backing to make mini frames on the page. Photographs can have a matte which can include cardboard, old greeting cards (my personal favorite’s are the ones from the occasions the scrapbook is about), wrapping paper, felt board, or anything really.
3. Scrapbook album
4. Paper trimmer
5. Glue and tape
6. Paper – Different types of paper for the albums – Paper for the designs (like card stock, material, wax paper.. anything your imagination can come up with). Paper for the journal entries like stationary, index cards, plain black and white paper to cut out letters.
7. Scissors
8. Embellishments – stickers, material, beads, pressed flowers, sand, feathers, candy. Pretty much anything goes here. Each page is what your imagination makes it.
9. Stencils – Letter, number and design stencils
10. Page protectors – Make sure they are the correct size for the albumYou can make your first album as elaborate, expensive, inexpensive, big, small. You can decorate the outside and inside. You can add hand prints from your kids. Let your imagination guide you. Have fun. Put little frames around photos. Cut out hearts and stick them on the photographs. Glue buttons, write on them.The important part of scrapbooking is just beginning.